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  • Monday-Friday: 08:00-18:00.
  • Saturday: 10:00-17:00.
  • Sundays and holidays: 10:00-17:00.

Lost and found

Left something behind? Lost property on our buses, tram and boats are taken care of by AtB service center or our operators in Trøndelag. Find contact information to lost property offices.

Travel guarantee

If your bus is more than 20 minutes late, you may be eligable for a refund. Read about travel guarantee.

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We process your inquiries every day, all year. Normally you will receive a response within three working days. In periods with many inquiries our response time can be longer.

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Service center

Visit AtB service center in Prinsens gate 41.

Opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 10:00-17:00.
  • Saturday: 10:00-15:00. 
  • Sundays and holidays: Closed.

Visit servicepoint in Rissa.

Opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 08:00-15:30.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: Closed.

Opening hours holidays 2020

Opening hours Christmas 2020
PhoneAtB service centerSocial media/chatLost and found
December 24th08:00-13:00Closed08:00-13:00Closed
December 25th10:00-17:00Closed10:00-17:00Closed
December 26th10:00-17:00Closed10:00-17:00Closed
December 27th10:00-17:00Closed10:00-17:00Closed
December 28th07:00-18:0010:00-17:0008:00-18:0008:15.15:15
December 29th07:00-18:0010:00-17:0008:00-18:0008:15.15:15
December 30th07:00-18:0010:00-17:0008:00-18:0008:15.15:15
December 31st07:00-18:0010:00-15:0008:00-18:00Closed
January 1st 202110:00-17:00Closed10:00-17:00Closed


02820  or +47 478 02 820 - Route information, service center and switchboard (regular mobile rates).
177 - Route information (regular mobile rates). 
02867 - Chartered service 67pluss

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 07:00-18:00.
  • Saturday: 09:00-17:00.
  • Sunday and holidays: 10:00-17:00.

Social media

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  • Monday-Friday: 08:00-18:00.
  • Saturday: 10:00-17:00.
  • Sundays and holidays: 10:00-17:00.

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Chartered service in Trøndelag

See an overview of where there is chartered service.

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 06:45-20:00
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10:00-20:00

Mail adress

Prinsens gate 39
7011 Trondheim

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