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850 Dypfest - Tarva

Prices from February 1st 2021.

Prices for passenger

Price applies to passenger travel without vehicle.

Billett person
TicketDypfest - Tarva

Prices for vehicle

Price applies to one vehicle including one driver.

850 Dypfest - Tarva
LengthDypfest - Tarva
0,0-6,0 m136
6,01-7,0 m330
7,01-8,0 m377
8,01-10,0 m538
10,1-12,0 m626
12,1-14,0 m731
14,1-17,0 m840
17,1-19,0 m986
19,01-22,0 m1107
Electric <6,0 m68
Electric >6,01 m165

Prices for vehicles with trailer

Vehicles with a trailer of a total of more than 6 meters, pay as one vehicle. This means that the total length of the vehicle and trailer applies. Vehicles under 3501 kg and less than 6 meters that use trailers pay as follows:

  • Total length less than 6 m: 1 x single ticket under 6 m.
  • Total length between 6.01 m and 10 m: 2 x single ticket under 6 m.
  • Total length from 10.01 m and up: 3 x single ticket under 6 m.