About us

AtB is a mobility company administrating the public transport in Trøndelag.

 AtB is responsible for planning, purchasing and marketing a provident public transport service.

As a mobility company, we will facilitate easy, seamless travel adapted to different needs and travel patterns. The public transport will be developed and presented together with cycling, walking and sharing services. The goal is for travelers to get easily from A to B without using their own car.

AtB is registered as a limited company, and is fully owned by Trøndelag County Authority.

Our responsibilites:

  • Plan and coordinate routes for bus, boat and ferry.
  • Plan and coordinate school buses and routes.
  • Marketing and information regarding public transport services.
  • Develop, operate and maintain ticket and information services.
  • Customer support and route information.  
  • Conduct tenders within bus, boat and ferry following public procurement regulations.

We aim do this in such a way that the public transport services in Trøndelag appears attractive, coordinated and efficient.
We cooperate with customers, partners, owners and operators to make public transport, along with cycling and walking, a natural first choice.

All operative services are performed by various companies that work by contract for AtB AS. 

  • According to the Public Service Act, everyone can ask AtB to see public postal journals, including private individuals.

    If you want access to a public case document or a public postal record, send an e-mail labeled "Inspection" to atb@atb.no with the following information:

    • Which case you would like insight to.
    • Which period within the case you would like insight.
  • Our operators transport you on AtB's behalf and is our most important partner. Together we make sure you as a customer can travel from A to B. See our operators.

  • AtB's employees work within finance, HR, IT, administration, procurement, quality, risk management, market analysis, statistics, technology, environment, route planning, infrastructure, systems, customer service and marketing communication.

    At the end of 2020:

    • Gender balance in the company: 58% men and 42% women.
    • Part-time positions: 4 men and 2 women.
    • Parental leave (weeks): 14.9 men and 36.1 women
    • Sick leave: 4.91%

    AtB service center is open 365 days a year and is responsible for answering questions over the phone, written inquiries and our service centre which you can visit in Prinsens gate 41 in Trondheim.

  • AtB is organized within four different departments:

    • Finance and business administration.
    • Routes and infrastructure.
    • Communication and operation.
    • Strategy and development.

    The directors are responsible for these departments. See management team. 

  • The board consists of seven external board members with professional competence from different working environments.


    Per Axel KochChairman
    Målfrid Vik SønstabøDeputy chairman
    Kristin Olstad ScheaBoard Member
    Odd Harald AkslandBoard Member
    Kristian TangenBoard Member
    Kirsti Brandsegg ArntsenBoard Member
    Are BrekkBoard Member
    Helene HeggheimAtB - employee representative                              
    Line Elisabeth Hoff-Jenssen HolmeslandAtB - employee representative                              
    Karl Inge NygårdDeputy board Member
    Thale Susanne Kuvås SolbergDeputy board Member
    Stig Harry JørgensenAtB - deputy employee representative                              
    Jahn Erik Nyaas RøhmeAtB - deputy employee representative                              


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